Gordon Michaels has proven himself to be a dynamic music professional. I have worked with him a number of times and he handles his responsibilities exceptionally. It is apparent that he has a clear understanding of the music industry and its’ products. Thanks to his creative abilities he can give shape to some of the most innovative ideas and arrangements. He is a team player, with great organizational skills and very passionate about understanding this industry. He has the ability to connect whole-heartily with people making him an asset on any project. I look forward to working on projects with him in the future.
Aquanetta W.
With a resonant baritone and a gospel-flavored vocal tone, Michaels seems to be channeling a Baptist minister…engaging the audience with catty quips and personal asides as well as some bio on his subject.
Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret
Gordon is outstanding. He sang at our wedding and blew everyone away. His voice is powerful, his presence warm, and extremely professional. It was easy to plan and communicate with him, and he kept in touch and his voice/music blessed our amazing day.
Colleen O. Albany, NY
I asked Gordon to perform at a memorial service. Everyone present was in awe of the soulfulness and spirituality of his performance. His voice has incredible power, and his interpretation of the music brought tears to my eyes. In addition, he spent a considerable amount of time in advance of the event working with me to make sure the result would meet my expectations. He was fantastic, and I could have asked for nothing more.
Nancy Kilson, Cambridge, MA
Michaels received a standing ovation after “Mona Lisa and was smooth as silk on “Unforgetable”.
Pat Williams, The Word
Michaels simply radiated confidence, authority, and joy of performance.
Bryan VanCampen, The Ithaca Times
He has such a big personality when he gets up there. He’s much more than a voice, says Charles Nazarian, chairman of the independent Christian church in cape ann.
Gaily McCarthy, Staff Writer, Gloucester Daily Times
Gordon Michaels is a consummate talent whose incredible voice is matched by this wonderful stage presence and dynamic personality.
The Citizen Of Laconia, NH
He brings his own persona and masterful voice to songs that probably couldn’t and shouldn’t be duplicated anyway.
Laurie Larson, Electron Link Journey Cabaret
His darkly rich, soulful baritone and gregarious way with audiences earn this guy a gold star.
John Hoglund, Backstage, Bistro Bits